Notes when choosing laundry service

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Notes when choosing laundry service

Laundry service is now a very popular business, you can easily find laundry shops springing up everywhere. Just a few searches on the Internet, there have been a series of laundry units "jumping" out with a lot of ads on price, attractive quality. But in order to choose a trustworthy place that meets the laundry requirements, you need to note a few points below.

1. Understand your needs

To find a good laundry service provider, first you need to understand that your clothes need to use wet or dry cleaning. This is extremely important because there are certain types of clothes to dry clean, if wet washing clothes will damage and lose shape immediately. Once you determine what you need, it's easier to choose a laundry store because there are some places that just don't offer dry cleaning.

In addition, in many stores you can choose from 2 services: deliver to the laundry store and hire a washing machine to wash. Self-renting and washing your own clothes can help you to operate and feel more secure about your clothes, but this way is a bit time-consuming (usually 45 minutes) and less costly. If you're busy and don't have time, you should always deliver your clothes to the store and schedule a pick up time.

2. Select a unit with seniority in the industry

Companies, units that have a long history in the field of laundry services have many customers and long-term operations will certainly have good service quality. One thing that is extremely understandable in this time of market economy is that only places that can meet the rigorous needs of customers can survive for long. So choosing a senior unit in the industry will somewhat ensure that your clothes will be cleaned the best.

3. Terms of customer care

In addition to the 2 basic things above, one more thing you need to consider is their customer service. A common problem with using laundry service is the loss and damage of clothes. In the big laundry shops, there will be clearly the compensation amount for each specific case. Please pay special attention to this point to ensure your rights when using the service.

4. Evaluation of people who have used the service

  • Don't think that laundry is simple and nothing, in fact, if you often have to do laundry for office items, suits or expensive items, the money for this service is huge. Therefore, if someone has used the service, they should ask for their opinions before trying. Ask them about the quality of the clothes after washing, which is the softness of the clothes, the smell, whether the fabric is ruffled, whether the clothes are tinted ... Also, you can also ask about the time to receive clothes. After bringing to the store and refer to the price for each type of clothes.

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