What do you need to keep in mind when carrying out dry cleaning at the store?

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What do you need to keep in mind when carrying out dry cleaning at the store?

In addition to the common reasons when we bring clothes to the laundry such as saving time and effort, tidy houses, ... dry cleaning at the store will help us better preserve expensive clothes. money, simple non-washable at home.
The process of receiving and handling clothes when you dry in the store:

  • When received, clothing will be identified through labels, embroidered names to avoid confusion with other people's goods.
  • The store will check to see if the clothes and supplies have lost their buttons or scratched and the items left in their pockets to avoid being responsible for these errors when returning items to customers.
  • Pre-treatment of oil and grease stains, food stains, for cleaning before putting into the machine with a chemical solution for washing (two commonly used solutions are Perc and Hydrocabon).
  • After washing, the staff also checks to see if there are any remaining stains, then iron it flat, hang it on a hook, wrap it in a plastic bag, ready to return to customers.

What kind of clothes should bring to dry cleaners

For clothes from special materials such as leather, silk, silk, fur, wool, it is difficult to retain the durability and form of clothes if you wash with normal wet washing method. These are usually water-sensitive fabrics, the fabric structure is easy to shrink or stretch when washing in water or clothes that need to keep their shape and quality after washing. Often, when using dry cleaning chemicals are not very good, so carefully select the types of clothes to dry clean (only the clothes write "dry cleaning only) and should not be homemade at home.

Clothing from these special fabrics requires meticulous "care" so that they retain their color, fabric and fiber durability over time.

Check carefully for clothes

Many people are afraid to bring clothes to the store because they are afraid of errors such as frayed fabric, scratches, smudged, ... So to ensure you are satisfied with the laundry process at the salon, please:

  • Check all the inner and outer pockets on clothing carefully beforehand so as not to forget important items such as rings, watches, passports, etc. as these things are both likely to be damaged, and potentially affect your clothes
  • Store reminders about stains, stains, smudges, "fragile" parts of clothing that need attention when handling, precautions for temperature, cleaning solutions on clothing tags as well as articles bales themselves.

Remember to carefully check your clothes before you carry them to wash so that you do not regret "bathing" your important papers and items.

Do not handle the stains yourself at home because sometimes we use the wrong laundry solution, wash our hands too hard, use too much detergent ... damage your expensive item. .

Wear dry cleaning clothes at the salon as soon as you get stains from beauty products

Every day we use a lot of beauty products that have chemicals that easily stick to clothes creating stains such as armpits, hairspray / gel, perfume ... You have tried to wash the machine many times but still not. while your fabric material is thinner and easier to tear. So do not hesitate to bring it to the store so that the professional people will help you solve this difficult problem.

Beauty products often have glue to keep makeup off, but this is also a double-edged sword when it comes to clothes.

Wash clothes in sets

When you go to dry cleaners at the store, you should wear the whole set to avoid washing a single garment many times while the accompanying laundry is washed only once, and as a result, the color, thickness of the fabric has a difference between clothes. in the same set.

The suits are clothes that are usually taken to the laundromat because they need to be carefully handled to keep their quality.

Hang the whole bag in the closet when you get your stuff back from the store

Usually after the guests' clothes have been cleaned, stores will hang carefully on hangers and wrap a layer of outer bags to avoid dirt. However, when bringing clothes after dry cleaning at home and before hanging clothes into the closet, you should remove that bag because if you put the whole bag in the cabinet, the moisture from the air can be Stuck inside the bag and cause significant damage to your suit.

Remember to remove all glossy bags before hanging into the closet to help keep the closet neat, while avoiding damage to clothes in the bag due to mold

Hopefully, the general notes on using dry cleaning service in the above store will help you to have a satisfied experience.

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