Laundry of guests

Laundry of guests

Along with the development of society, many people, especially young people, those who live alone, students or families are too busy choosing the Green Island Laundry service to clean clothes simply, more convenient.

To meet this demand, Green Island Laundry Service has been established to provide instant laundry solutions for customers in need, students, individuals or families living in Phu Quoc Island. . With the cost savings, you will be completely assured when getting back the clothes laundered, faster and simpler.
Why should you choose laundry service at Green Island Laundry?

Society is gradually changing and people are starting to look for more convenient services to cater to life. Currently, the model of laundry shops is increasingly expanding than ever to meet the needs of fast laundry, simplifying housework.
  • You are a student living alone, clothes are not too many and very afraid to wash every day?
  • You live alone in an apartment, no washing machine to use how to do?
  • Are housewives tired of dealing with dirty clothes every day?
  • Your washing machine is the old type, washing clothes still soggy, it's hard to dry clothes in time when you need it?

Understanding what many customers encounter when wishing to clean clothes quickly, our Green Island Laundry has been established based on the satisfaction of every customer. We are a reputable unit specializing in providing instant laundry services for many objects from individual customers to households, ...

Reasons you should choose services at Green Island Laundry
Unlike other public laundry services, our laundry service is committed to providing you with the best satisfaction. We are a service that not only brings convenience but also comes with extremely economical cost. You will not need to wait, tired after a day of work and study, you have to manually wash dirty clothes or machine wash but very long dry because the machine does not have a spin mode, fast steaming when you need pants shirt to wear for the next time. We are committed to giving you the best value:

  • Commit to washing each customer's clothes separately.
  • Using the new 100% washing and drying lines, customers do not need to worry about the clothes being dirty by the old machine.
  • Commit to washing, handling stains, stains, and smudges on clothes thoroughly so that the clothes will always be clean and fine.
  • Free delivery of clothes to the address with a radius of 2.5km, does not take time to wash and wait at the store.
  • Flexible opening time from 7am to 10pm to meet the needs of customers.
  • Affordable laundry price for students, students, families ...
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Địa chỉ:  Lot 63, Map sheet 38, Group 7, Suoi Lon Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province

Tel: 0789 858 188



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