Home delivery and laundry

Home delivery and laundry

Green Island Laundry receives laundry on-site delivery for individuals, restaurants, hotels, ... Come to Green Island Laundry, customers will be completely assured because before washing, our staff will check. and sorting clothes according to each characteristic to be washed separately to avoid damage, discoloration of clothes. The clothes we wear every day often come into contact with many surfaces, so getting dirty is inevitable. However, some clothes are stained with extremely difficult stains such as gum residue, oil, motor oil ... In such cases, Green Island Laundry will directly talk to customers and offer The most thorough and optimal solution. When the customer agrees, Green Island Laundry is applied the process. Especially, Green Island Laundry does not wash customers' clothes together even just a few. After washing, the clothes will be put into the dryer depending on the state of clothes. After the clothes are dried, the staff will do ironing, helping your clothes soften, creating a new feeling.

- Quick drying clothes, such as wedding dresses, wedding dresses, t-shirts, khaki pants, jeans, steamed suits, trousers, etc.

- Dry cleaning, ironing table cloths, meeting rugs, wedding receptions, ...

- Dry cleaning all kinds of curtains, curtain and wall cloth.

- Laundering sofa fabrics.

- Dry cleaning of all types of floor mats, rugs, ...

- Laundry at home delivery, blankets, mosquito nets, blankets ...

- Cleaning and cleaning shoes of all kinds.

The reason customers should choose laundry service delivery

- With an advanced and modern system of washing machines for drying cabinets.

- Our staff come to take your laundry and return it to you quickly.

- With fast, clean criteria and maximum time savings for customers.

- Delivery time is fast within 24 hours, with large quantities of goods, we will schedule delivery for you.

- Furniture is folded according to standard, convenient, fragrant and clean.

- Bring satisfaction to customers with modern and prestigious services.

- Staff are enthusiastic and have a high sense of responsibility.

- Reasonable price, quality guaranteed

Come to the on-site laundry service to have us care for your clothes. We always aim to the motto "reputation-quality" will not make you disappointed when using our laundry service. Always trying to improve, development is our goal to bring the best quality, build trust and receive customer satisfaction when coming to us!

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Tel: 0789 858 188

Email: luminh1971@gmail.com

Website: www.daoxanhlaudry.com

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