Quick, clean laundry tips that hotel laundry services often use

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Quick, clean laundry tips that hotel laundry services often use

If traveling, going out, surely staying at the hotel and using the laundry service in the hotel is inevitable. If you pay attention, you will easily recognize the blankets, sheets, blankets, pillows or clothes that the hotel laundry is much cleaner and softer than when you wash it yourself, even stubborn stains such as coffee, tea. , son ... also disappeared but never existed.

Do not stuff too many items in one wash

The first rule that a hotel laundry service applies is not to put too much laundry in the washing machine. Because washing machines only clean and best at 80% capacity, if you put too much washing machine will not have enough space to spin, so clothes can not be stuffed and rubbed to be clean.

However, if you put too few clothes in one wash, your clothes will be crumpled, crushed, and easily torn, broken because of being turned too many times. In addition, due to excessive rubbing, some fabrics will be frayed, ruffled.

Use water temperature properly

Water temperature is very important during washing because it is one of the factors that greatly affects the cleanliness of clothes after washing. Laundry service at the hotel pays great attention to water temperature when washing clothes and often sorting clothes before washing to wash with the most appropriate temperature:
Wash in hot water:

Hot water is the best choice for white clothes to avoid the color of porridge, greasy, hard cloth ... In addition, for blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses they often wash with High temperature then steamed, dried to eliminate existing bacteria.
Wash in warm water:

For clothes that are easy to fade but too dirty, washing with warm water is the optimal solution. The items that are washed in warm water are light-colored clothes, towels, jeans, cotton, natural fiber fabrics ...
Washing clothes in cold water:

Use cold water for dark or faded clothing and soft fabrics such as silk, swimwear, sportswear, undergarments, woolen clothes, bloodstained clothing, wine, etc.

Fabric softener

Hotels often limit the use of softener softener fabric because if used can cause blankets, sheets and especially towels quickly and hard. To remedy this situation, hotels often do not use fabric softener but use vinegar in the final washing step. Vinegar not only helps to soften the fabric but also has a great effect in killing bacteria and removing stains.


Drying is a way of drying clothes that the hotel laundry service often applies. Drying helps dry clothes quickly, disinfects well and saves time in case customers need clothes urgently. When drying, hotel staff often put a tennis ball inside to make towels, sheets, ... softer.

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